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Tokyo's Flagship Sighseeing Spot: Constructed as the cornerstone of Asakusa prosperity, Senso-ji has 1400 years of history.

What is Senso-ji?

The oldest temple in the city, located in 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to.

Also known as Kinryuu-san. The principle object of worship in the shrine is the Shokannonbosatsu. Because it is the place of worship of the Shokannonbosatsu, it is sometimes referred to as "Asakusa Kannon" or "The Kannon of Asakusa" and is thought of highly, regularly making the top 10 ranking of first temples and shrines to visit in the new year.

It is historically known as a place that attracts "Maneki Neko" cats (a sign of successful business), and that affinity has manifested in records, woodblock prints and such.


Asakusa shrine is well known by the name of Asukusa Kannon. During the Edo period, it was a designated place of worship for the Tokugawa Shogunate, prospering greatly and is now visited by around 30 million visitors a year! It carries out events throughout the year and is always somewhat crowded.
The symbolic red "Thunder Gate" was burnt in a fire once and the current one was donated by the late Konosuke Matsushita.
Along the path leading to the shrine is a shopping street called "Nakamise", where it is said that business was permitted in exchange for cleaning the grounds. It is one of Japan's oldest shopping streets. In addition to stores selling Kimonos and Japanese style goods popular with foreigners, the place is overflowing with stores selling snacks called "Kaminari Okoshi", rice crackers, sponge cakes, among other things. During holidays, the large crowds make it hard to move, so make sure to have plenty of time to get around.


Tobu Skytree Line: 5 min from Asakusa Station
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: 5 min from Asakusa Station
Tsukuba Express: 5 min from Asakusa Station
Toei Subway Asakusa Line: 5 min from Asaukusa Station Exit A4

*There is not parking lot at Senso-ji Temple.
Please use Taito-ku Kaminarimon Underground Parking Lot or another parking lot nearby.


More Information

AddressTokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa 2-3-1
Official Site
Phone Number03-3842-0181
Getting There Toei Bus, Keisei Bus, Taito-ku Loop Bus Megurin
* Senso-ji does not have a parking lot. Please park at the Taito-ku Kaminarimon Underground Parking Lot or at a nearby parking lot.
Hours of OperationThe grounds open at 6 AM and close at 5 PM
(From October to March opening time is at 6:30 AM)